Structured Cabling

Structured cabling solutions that put all the pieces in place

Structured cabling is the wires, fibers and cables that distribute information throughout a building. It can be a complex, multitiered system involving different types of media — and getting it all to work together reliably and efficiently isn’t always easy.

A comprehensive approach helps put all the pieces in their correct places, and no one offers a comprehensive perspective quite like CommScope does.

  • Copper cabling solutions are ideal in “horizontal” situations — that is, for service areas on a particular floor or office, for instance
  • CopperFiber cabling is well suited to “vertical” applications, working as the backbone between floors and between buildings, and as the connection for Wi-Fi or DAS systems

In an intelligent building, these different layers of IP connectivity are the arteries of information that allow central operation and interoperation between various building services. CommScope has decades of experience and leadership in the development of the technology and the processes that make infrastructure work smarter, so your building works better.

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